About Timeless

Timeless was created to inform and engage women in thinking about their options in relation to social egg freezing and fertility, whilst also raising public debate on how these advances in biomedical science may impact on the world of work, relationships and wider society.

With a rapid growth in popularity, companies such as Apple and Facebook offering the procedure in women’s benefits packages and some clinics promising egg freezing as an ‘insurance policy’ for future fertility, it is easy for women to be beguiled and confused by the mixed messages and misinformation that surrounds it.

Could it be as revolutionary to women’s life choices as The Pill? Or, it could become yet another social expectation that reinforces the message that women are solely responsible for fertility?

Timeless was borne out of an ambition to address the gaps in information and meaningful discussion on a topic that could have a significant impact on women and society in the future.

Through Timeless we aim to remove some of the taboo that surrounds reproductive issues, and encourage women – and men – to have informed conversations about an area of life that affects us all.

Timeless is a fictional beauty brand created to unlock the facts around egg freezing, and encourage deeper questioning and broader discussion. Products in the Timeless range include:

3 Simple Steps to Freeze your Fertility 
Detailing the process involved in freezing your eggs

Timeless Elixir
Our version of the ‘miracle cream’, with information on egg freezing success rates

Stop the Clock Age Defying Serum
Showing age-related fertility information

Eau So Pressured 
Perfumes that highlight some of the major societal factors impacting women’s choices around fertility and egg freezing

The brand will be opening a Pop-up shop in Old Street Station in London for one week only from 29th February – 5th March 2016, open to the public from 8am-8pm daily.