Timeless in The Observer

Today's Observer Magazine features a 4-page article on fertility, egg freezing and Timeless. A snippet:

At the end of the month, London’s Old Street station will host a pop-up, Timeless, aimed at commuters like Georgina – a beauty store, but not. The Wellcome Trust, the London School of Economics and consultants the Liminal Space are collaborating on this project out of concern that women are making the choice to freeze their eggs without fully understanding what that choice entails. A series of talks will investigate the conflicting issues that make it hard to make a decision in isolation. Branded as cosmetics, the products in the shop include a Clinique-style “3-Step Solution for egg freezing”, a bespoke line of perfume and a range of “age-defying serums” that, rather than promising to give you the skin of a six-year-old, slyly inform about fertility decline.
“We felt that the language of the beauty industry echoed a lot of the rhetoric around egg freezing with its promises of ‘hope’, ‘rejuvenation’ and ‘external youth’,” says Amanda Gore, one of the directors of the Liminal Space. “Beauty products often promise a magic solution that is shrouded in misinformation or hard-to-comprehend small print. And it also brings with it an implicit pressure on women to strive for the perfect life – pressures that many women are well versed in.”
Co-director Sarah Douglas adds: “One of the biggest learnings for us has been how difficult it is to find a clear answer about how successful egg freezing will be for individual women. This makes it really hard for women to make an informed choice.” They spent time with clinicians, embryologists, social scientists and women who have recently frozen their eggs to understand the reasons, process and the impact of egg freezing.

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