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Create your signature scent - bespoke blends of social pressures to spritz at your desire

Egg freezing presents an option for navigating a complex set of personal and circumstantial pressures, but is it an advance for women, and for society?

All our perfumes come with base notes of ticking clock and are infused with delicate layers of competing pressures, just for women. Choose from our range:

Fragrance Du Independence
Exuberant and exhilarating for that unbridled sensation of freedom. Unexpected undertones invoke future milestones to be achieved

Stable Mate
The pure delight of stability. Warm and enveloping aromas of home baking and cosy family weekends

No Money No Baby
The decadent essence of an overpriced home deposit, featuring the precious undertones of banknotes

Promotion Or Procreation
The enigmatic vibrancy of climbing the career ladder. Alive with steely determination and hard graft.

Workin’ 9 til 9
The suffocating scent of workplace inflexibility. Infused with the invigorating aroma of five flat whites.

Penalty Parfum
A complex bouquet of unexpected consequences. Suffused with the enveloping scent of workplace and domestic disharmony

Man’s World
The aromatic hangover of the alpha male aftershave

L’eau Vert Qualified
Refined and enigmatic, the alluring scent of intellectual pursuit and lecture notes

Mr Wrong
The immature and overwhelming essence of an oversized adolescent

Care For Me Baby
Soft and sensuous, the delicate blend of caring and responsibility. A fragrance that’s pure woman

My Way
Uniquely different. A trailblazing blend of gender equality alive with rare notes of supportive social structures

Stress Essence
The voluptuous scent of blame and responsibility. A heady bouquet of stress and pressure that lingers.

Make It Before Maternity
Dynamic and exhilarating, the scent of racing against the clock.

L’eau Du Balance
Perfect layers of career success mingle with constraints of childcare and bursts of personal fulfillment. Mesmerizingly volatile.

Pause Absolut
An enchanting essence of impossible timing. Infused with vivid aromas of daily grind and undertones of potential pay rises

Babe Not Baby Daddy
The beguiling and intoxicating aroma of tindr. Seductive top notes, with short-lived layers of commitment.

Mr Right Not Mr Ready
The heady and mesmerizing scent of the perfect man, with slowly unfolding elements of resistance, confusion and uncertainty. A complex blend.

In Control
Unexpectedly intense, with overwhelming notes of decision-making and future planning. Layers of control and confusion intermingle seductively.

When? When? When?
Enveloping and overpowering, the essence of social pressure. Suffused with competing layers of uncertainty, broodiness and unwanted opinions. 

Mum’s The Word
The voluptuous aroma of motherhood, drenched in the oppressive social expectation of parental longing. Not for everyone.